What is the WordPress Development Framework?

Choosing a development framework is a critical decision when developing a WordPress site, so it’s important to understand what each framework can offer. Some of the most popular frameworks include Genesis, Gantry, and iThemes. While some of these are more popular than others, all of them offer a good amount of flexibility.


Unlike other frameworks, Gantry is free and open-source. Gantry is built on top of Grav CMS, and it allows users to create highly customizable page layouts. The framework also allows users to place content blocks, load layout presets, resize content blocks, and more.

Gantry supports a wide variety of widgets and shortcodes. You can create custom shortcodes and widgets for your website, and customize them to match your needs. You can also use third-party widgets with Gantry.

Gantry’s layout manager is very easy to use. It lets you change your layout without ever having to change the text editor. You can resize, load layout presets, or customize your layout with a drag-and-drop tool. The layout manager also allows you to place content blocks, such as a header, sidebar, and other content areas. You can also adjust your positions with sliders and dividers.

The menu editor is also very customizable. You can adjust its style, size, and color. This editor is better than WordPress’ menu editor, and it allows you to add more customization.

The framework also supports setting parameters through cookies, session, and URL. This helps you to create blueprints for back-end configuration options. There are also advanced functions available as plugins and modules. You can also create custom fields, and you can use LESS CSS to style your layouts.

The documentation for Gantry is very extensive. This includes detailed information about the different components, and how to use them. You can also find answers to questions through the Gantry Google Group. There are also many developers who are willing to help you.

You can download Gantry as a WordPress plugin, or as a standalone theme. If you don’t want to use a theme, you can also install the Gantry framework and use it to create a site.

Pods Framework

Pods Framework is a WordPress development framework that allows site builders to create and manage custom post types. The framework consists of a suite of object relationship tools that help site builders define and define the relationships between content types. It is a powerful and robust toolkit that provides an easy interface for creating and managing custom post types in WordPress.

The Pods Framework plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. It consists of three parts: the main component, Pods Templates, and Pods Pro. Each of the components has its own set of features. The main component is available for free. However, Pods Pro is a paid add-on.

The main purpose of Pods Framework is to provide a platform for creating custom post types. This plugin allows users to create, manage, and export custom post types. In addition, the Pods framework also provides shortcodes, REST API, and a layout designer for easy administration.

Pods Framework was originally created as a free plug-in. Automattic stepped in to support the project in early 2012. However, Automattic continued to support Pods until 2020.

Pods Framework is a free WordPress development framework that allows users to create custom post types. The framework consists of several components, including Pods Templates, Pods Pro, and the built-in layout designer. It also provides a robust object relationship toolset.

Pods is easy to use and comes with excellent support. It is not a complete solution for all your content creation needs, but it is a good starting point. It offers an easy interface for new users and allows developers to add complex features. Pods is also free for developers who want to use it as a framework to develop their own custom post types.


Probably one of the best ways to enhance your WordPress website is with the Genesis development framework. This framework is designed to make your website more SEO optimized and aesthetically pleasing. It also features several hooks to allow you to customize the site and add functionality.

Genesis also includes some nifty features, such as a code library and a built-in SEO suite. It also allows you to port themes. The framework is also very customizable, with multiple layout options for your posts and pages.

The framework is also very robust, with bulletproof security built-in. This is especially important for ecommerce websites. The framework can be downloaded from Github. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Genesis framework also boasts a few other features, including a mobile responsive child theme. This means your WordPress site will automatically update to the latest standards. You can also use the newest features and functionality by installing the latest version of the framework.

One of the best features of the framework is the fact that it is easy to customize. This means you can make changes without needing to learn a ton of code. It also means that your website will perform better.

The framework also includes a set of SEO options, which makes it easy to boost your site’s ranking in search engines. Aside from the SEO features, the framework also helps your site load quickly. This is important for both visitors and search engines.

Another feature is the Woocommerce integration. This plugin allows you to sell products on your website. It is one of the best WordPress themes for ecommerce. You can also get a free Genesis theme if you sign up for WP Engine.

Hybrid Core

Using a development framework makes it easier to write a final product. It also helps speed up the process by taking care of the fundamental code. A development framework will help make the theme and its components homogeneous.

Hybrid Core is a free and open source framework designed to simplify WordPress theme development. It provides developers with a set of out-of-the-box features, and offers a solid PHP code base. It also provides extra developer-friendly classes for working with the WordPress customizer.

Hybrid Core comes with several different widgets and layout options. These include per-post and global layouts, as well as the option to add custom styles to widgets. The framework also includes a media grabber, which makes it easy to add images and video to your posts. It also comes with a template system, which allows you to create new themes without relying on pre-built templates.

It’s also not hard to get support for Hybrid. Tadlock is very active in the open source community, and provides great value for the money. He’s also been supporting Hybrid Core for nearly a decade. He’s also released several features in Hybrid Core. For example, he released the Mythic starter theme into beta last month.

Hybrid Core has been downloaded over one million times. It’s one of the longest-running WordPress theme frameworks. It’s also one of the best WordPress development frameworks for developers.

The Mythic starter theme is close to a 1.0 release, and Tadlock plans to release documentation for it as well. It also comes with several different layout options, including a configurable width for each page.

Aside from being a WordPress development framework, Hybrid Core also has an active community. It’s easy to learn about and use, and developers can get help if they need it.


iThemes is a developer of WordPress themes and plugins. They offer several different pricing plans to meet the needs of different types of websites. Some plans are for small agencies, while others are for freelancers and medium-scale entrepreneurs. They also offer webinars and training sessions to help users improve their website and online business. These webinars are recorded and attendees can watch them later. They are also hosted by industry experts. iThemes members can also ask questions in an exclusive Slack channel.

iThemes offers a variety of premium themes and plugins to help you create an exceptional online presence. These themes and plugins are based on WordPress’ best development practices. They include essential branding tools and revolutionary features. They are also designed to be easy to use. They are built to accommodate mobile-responsive sites.

WordPress is a great CMS out of the box, but a theme framework offers additional customization options. This allows website owners to choose a theme that will work for their business. It also allows them to change the appearance of the theme’s dashboard and widget areas. They also offer theme options that allow users to change the color scheme, layout options, and other aspects of the theme.

iThemes Security is a WordPress plugin that helps protect your website from hackers and other malicious activities. It can scan your site for malware and other vulnerabilities, and it can even stop attacks on your site. It also includes a strong password enforcement feature. This plugin can be installed in just 10 minutes, and it includes a variety of features that can save you time and money. It includes version management, database backups, and strong password enforcement.