Request website visitor’s EMAIL ADDRESS in Live Chat chat-window

I need the customer to enter email address in chat-window before write me. Does Live Chat supports it?

With Live Chat PRO licence you are able to ask your customer to leave email address before writing in chat-window.

Here are the hints to enable this feature.

1) Live Chat PRO license should be activated.

2) Login into admin area.

3) Open ‘Settings’ section.

4) In ‘Main’ settings find the feature ‘Visitor Email’. In front of it select ‘Ask’ and click on ‘Save’.

5) After the feature is enabled, there will appear the field ‘Your email’ in online chat-window.

6) – in click on the active message;

– open ‘Users details’. In opened form there is a field ‘Email’ that contains customer’s email address.

P.S. In addition to Email address, in ‘User details’ you are able to fill all possible information that you have about your website customer.