How to find finished chats?

Where the chats go after they are finished? Is there any chat Archive?

After the chat is finished, it goes to ‘Archive’.

If you use Live Chat Free plugin version you can see the last 10 finished chats in your ‘Online Chat‘ section.

If you use Live Chat PRO plugin version you can also see the last 10 finished chats in your ‘Online Chat‘ section, but in addition you get access to view the whole list of finished chats for all period of time – unlimited Archive.

To reach this area follow the steps:

  • login at your dashboard;
  • move to ‘Archive’ tab. In opened form you will see the list of all your previously finished chats;
  • click on ‘Show messages‘. In this area you can view chat messages between you and your client as well as Visitor details. If your client left his name, email, mob phone, etc everything will be saved in this form. If you want to add some info about your client or edit his data  you can type it in this very form and all the data will be saved.