How to change timezone in Live Chat?

Can you tell me how to change the time on the chat? I am mostly using the downloaded Google chat- and it is NOT the same timezone, so it is very hard to tell how long ago they chatted.
This is what it it says- 2017-03-07 00:44:18…. but it was done in theafternoon. I am not sure what time zone it is set in, so I don’t knowhow to convert it.

1) You can change your timezone in your WP Chat plugin ‘Advanced
Settings’–>Chat timezone–> select the one you need  and save changes.

2) You can change your timezone
from your dashboard. Click on the button near the ‘Logout’ button and select ‘Users’.

In front of necessary admin or chat operator click on edit sign

Find ‘Time zone’ and select the one you need.

Do it with all your operators and admins to put them into necessary
timezone and save changes.

3) We’d also recommend to check if
you use the right timezone in your WP general settings. Change it if it is necessary and save changes.

P.S. Also we’d recommend to set up correct time zone through the Scheduler. It is possible to do in –> Scheduler. There will appear “Please select your timezone”. Select the one  you need and save.