How to change the language of the Live Chat plugin?

I can`t change the language of the Live Chat plugin. Do you have some kind of tutorial?

Here is the guidance how to change the language of the Chat plugin.

1) To change the language of the Chat Interface in WordPress dashboard:

– move down along the WordPress dashboard sidebar to ‘Settings’;

– Open ‘General’;

– Find ‘Site Language’ and select the one you need. In this case, the Chat plugin interface will be converted into selected language as well as your whole WordPress dashboard will be in selected language too.

2) To change the language of admin area:

– login into your admin area;

– move down the page and find the area with flags;

– click on necessary flag to change the language.

P.S.1  Live Chat supports 13 languages (English, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese).

P.S.2 This language change is to apply ONLY for Live Chat admin area  settings names and Chat plugin setting names NOT for chatbox text, titles, fields, signatures, etc. The chatbox titles of fields are not translated automatically. If you want your chatbox titles to be in French or any other language, then you have to type titles for fields in the language you need by yourself.