How to add a field with phone number in Live Chat?

How can I add new fields like phone number and address to the chat interface where the user can add his additional information?

It is possible to do add additional fields using the feature ‘Custom additional fields (if Chat status
“Offline”)’ that is available in PRO plugin version.

To configure this setting:

1) Login into admin area via Open administration area in Chat plugin or via website entering your email and pass with which you have registered in Chat;

2) Click on settings ta

3) In Main’ settings change chat status into ‘offline’

4) After that find the setting ‘Custom additional fields (if Chat status ‘offline).  Click on ‘Add’  and give the name for new field. In our case it is ‘Phone number’ and Save changes.

5) Go to your website. New field will appear in chatbox. In our case newly created field ‘Phone number’ has been added in chatbox.