Chat button to call the Live chat-box

I would like to position something like chat button on my site, so when the website visitor clicks on it, the chat-box appear.

There is the feature ‘Call of chat-box’ in Live Chat. Here is the guidance how to incorporate chat button on page or post using shortcode.

– Login into WordPress dashboard of your website

– Open ‘Chat’ plugin

– Open the section ‘Shortcode [wpadm-chat]’

– Choose the type ‘Button’

– Give the name for the chat button

– Customize chat button colors, background, shadows, border colors.

For more interesting look of the chat button you can customize the chat button colour when you hover on it

-Customize colors, background, border colors, shadow

When you are done with chat button customization, copy [wpadm-chat] and paste into the post or page you want to show this button, after that save changes.