Call the Live Chatbox on page via Chat Link

Is it possible to create a link for Live chat on my post, so when the user clicks on it, the chat window will pop up, so the user can write me?

There is the feature ‘Call of chat-box’ in Live Chat. Here is the guidance how to incorporate chat link on page or post using shortcode.

– Login at Wordpress dashboard of your website

– Open ‘Chat’ plugin

– Open the section ‘Shortcode [wpadm-chat]’

– Choose the type ‘Link’

– Give the name for the chat link

– Customize chat link color

– Customize chat link color on hover

– Copy the shortcode [wpadm-chat] and paste to the post / page you want

– Go to your post /page, click on link and the chatbox will open. Make second click on chat link and the chatbox will minimise.